Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guest inspiration: Statue of Elendil by Graegyst


Elendil (known as Elendil the Tall or Elendil the Fair) was the father of Isildur and Anárion, and the first High King of Gondor and Arnor and first King of all the Dúnedain. He was known as a great warrior and a wise king, and a heroic figure among the Dúnedain. Leading the remnant of The Faithful Númenóreans to Middle-earth, he established strong regimes there and created the great alliance that put an end to Sauron's power for over a thousand years. His bloodline and spirited leadership survived in the Dúnedain of the North and South of Middle-earth, that would in turn sire the brave and heroic men that would help bring a final end to Sauron in the War of the Ring.

Author of this outfit, known to readers of my blog as Kemendin, spoke of its creation: "I was questing in Evendim on my burglar, doing the quest line involving Aragorn and Gwindeth and the Silithar, and I got to the part where you have to cleanse one statue of Elendil and return the other restored statue to its pedestal. All of a sudden the thought hit me - why not try to recreate this outfit that the stone Elendil is wearing? So I jumped immediately onto my poor neglected minstrel, Graegyst (encouraging him to grow a very quick beard), and outfitted him in the closest things I could find to match the statue. It's certainly not exact - I took a creative liberty with the cloak, for instance - but I'm extremely pleased with the result."

I love this inspiration myself, it feels like Elendil came alive in Graegyst! Also, Kemendin found a nice Easter egg - the same statue actually appears in Ost Baranor in Chetwood as a representation of Aranarth, the first Chieftain of the Dúnedain. Turbine this way managed to successfully confuse those with some knowledge of Middle-earth history :) "Hence why "Elendil" is looking very confused in this screenshot next to the statue in Ost Baranor," Kemendin explained.

Chest: Forged-Iron Dunlending Hauberk, black dye (Dunland quest)
Head: Fated Westfold Assault Hat, black dye (T7 crafted)
Shoulders: The Ancient Master's Shoulder Pads, default dye (Level 75 lore-master purple set; has equivalent for minstrel)
Hands: Leather Gauntlets of Might, black dye (World drop)
Feet: Soft Leather Boots, black dye (Outfitter vendor in Bree)
Back: Ceremonial Wig-feld, black dye (Store)


  1. I was bow down with the creators of this. They really look real.

  2. It's just a great outfit. Very Numenorean!

  3. That looks amazing. Especially the shoulders are a very good match.
    And I think the hauberk would look very good on a Boromir inspiration also if dyed navy.


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