Saturday, February 4, 2012

Revel among Arnorian ruins


Recently everybody's been talking about a gorgeous lady who had visited the Rangers encamped in Tinnudír. She came just before dusk and seemed to be in a hurry at first - it was clear that dark thoughts burdened her mind. While they were talking, a local treasure hunter heard fragments of her speech like "shadow", "threat to the King", "our support", as well as part of Calenglad's answer: "We stand ready."

This must have reassured the mysterious lady, because a smile suddenly appeared on her face. She stayed with the Rangers until the late watches, contemplating with goblets of wine and dancing. Then she set off for a journey, heading further to the east of Eriador. As she was riding away on the Men Erain (Road of the Kings), the local people could have seen more horse riders joining her. "Who are these people?", they asked. It may take long before they find out the answer.

This is third of Rhûnen ladies we've met in the Middle-earth, bringing mysterious news to the warriors of Eriador. So far they've visited Elves of Falathorn, Lossoth of Forochel and Rangers of Tinnudír. Based on the news we have learned so far they arrived to Ered Luin harbour and are journeying further east into the Eriador. Are there more of them? If so, where will we meet them next time?

It's funny how differently some outfit designs develop. It might seem I wanted to create a matching outfit for the Anniversary steed here, but it's not true. I was tidying up my outfit pieces and ran into Elf-queen's Dress, which is one of not-too-many dresses I really like. I've also recently bartered the beautiful Moria helm and found out it looks beautiful in pastel colours, such as sea blue. I built the outfit around these two pieces and it wasn't until I started taking screenshots for the blog when I realized it matches the Anniversary horse. I'm quite happy how it turned out, because I never really used the horse and didn't have any matching outfit for it (as I didn't like the matching Anniversary cosmetics very much).

Do you like the outfit? Please let me know in the comments! :)

Chest: Elf-queen's Dress, white dye (Store)
Head: Hat of the Stone-student, sea blue dye (Moria level 60 lore-master purple set; shares appearance with minstrel's and rune-keeper's Moria pieces)
Shoulders: Gwir-palvais, sea blue dye (Drop from Isengard instance cluster)
Back: Cloak of the Ibis, sea blue dye (Store)


  1. Beautiful outfit, interesting to see a take on an outfit to go with this horse...

    My rune-keeper uses this horse to match her own battle outfit... but this gives me some good ideas for a casual outfit for her as well :D

  2. Gorgeous horse. I never made it through sufficient bar-brawls to get one and settled for the cosmetics in stead. I like your outfit, though it's unfortunate the shoulders show such bad clipping on the bosom.

  3. thanks so much guys! :) i was also considering changing shoulders for something else because of the clipping, but in the end i decided to go for them. i wanted shoulders with big dyable area over the chest, to bring more sea blue to the outfit, and that would cause clipping with any shoulders piece + dress combination. however, the clipping is hardly noticeable except for doing emotes, so for practical wearing it's not that bad.

  4. I am rarely a fan of hats, but I do like that one!

  5. Excellent job matching to the steed. I like that particular piece of shoulder armor--the mantle looks good in sea blue.

    I know the feeling of finding a piece of gear for an outfit that is just perfect except for clipping.

  6. I just came over from Cosmetic LOTRO this morning and now here's another beautiful outfit for a dress-wearing lady rider! :)

    I love how the red jewel on the neckline of the dress peeks out and references the red lining of the shoulders. Very pretty!

  7. The first time I saw this on LOTRO forums I actually gasped, yes genuinely gasped! It was so beautiful. Since then I've been meaning to post my reactions, but keep getting sidetracked. That blue is my favorite color, so paring it with white makes it stand out to great effect. The way she is glowing makes her mysterious beauty all the more powerful. And I'm not a fan of that horse, by any means (actually I've always hated it) but this is the first time that it looks good. You have made me like the fugliest horse ever made!

  8. thanks guys! and thorin, on behalf of the horse, i'm glad you like it on my screenshots :D


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