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Brewbelly, the Peacekeeper of Maur Tulhau, has been raised in Gloomglens, but soon after the Rangers visited her village, she joined them. She is a talented minstrel and sings of the legends of Enedwaith, where paths of men, southerners and hobbits cross. She has been very helpful during negotiations between the Rangers and Enedwaith clan leaders, as she quickly understood both cultures well.

No matter how serious job Brewbelly has, she is still a hobbit in the first place and she knows how to enjoy her life. Since joining the Grey Company, she gets to travel a lot and she loves it. Even in the heaviest summer rains (which become blizzards in northern lands), she is happy to see new places. Her joy of life is contagious and that's why her fellowship, in which she's by far the tiniest member, adores her.

This post is made in a rush - as you can see, I didn't even wait for good weather in Middle-earth, although the post was intended to bear summer atmosphere. The thing is that I couldn't resist making  a quick outfit around the new summer festival hat, after I've seen it in Hymne's preview, before I go for a business trip. This isn't my last outfit featuring this hat, because it's just gorgeous, so I hope you like this quickie at least a bit :)

Please let me know what do you think about the outfit in comments, or simply rate below the post's title :)

Chest: Reveller's Gilded Party Dress, forest green dye (Store)
Head: Summerdays Hat, default dye (Summer festival)
Back: Cloak of the Peace-keeper, default dye (Collector's edition reward)

./spin (Store)


  1. Brilliant pictures and oh yes, I love the hat! And sometimes, the sky actually looks nice when it's not nice weather. I love the rain and how the little hobbit seems to enjoy it. What emote did you use to let her pose with her arms wide like that?

    1. thank you! I edited the post and added list of emotes - forgot about it yesterday :) it's spin :)

  2. This looks really great! I love the colours. And the hat: mega cute! :)

  3. it looks awesome! where can i buy the cloak. i already have the dress and it looks amazing...


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