Sunday, October 28, 2012

Guest: Sigrum Stonebeard of Elendilmir

Sig Stonebeard is the ultimate outdoorsman. Hunter of beasts, tracker, survivalist and an expert of sitting at the campfire roasting meats and telling stories. That being said, you can imagine your best chances meeting him would be letting him find you, preferably grilling some recently caught game which you'd be willing to share. Finding him yourself? I doubt it, unless he wishes you to ;)

Sid of said about his outfit: "I've been working on this outfit for a long time, tweaking, making small changes and it's finally perfect." And I can only agree. This outfit combines look of a woodsman and a classy fighter, looking realistic, practical and still very lore-appropriate. And I can't stop looking at the screenshots, they tell a story by themselves!

Dwarven hunters have been a rare breed until now. However, with The Hobbit premiering at the end of November, I think we will see many more of them. Kíli, Thorin's nephew and the youngest dwarf in the company, has been pictured with a bow, shooting arrows at the enemies with deadly precision.

Hopefully this will also inspire more high quality dwarf hunter's outfits, but Sigrum has raised the bar very high :) Match with both steeds - the warsteed and hunter's class mount is also perfect. Interestingly enough the outfit looks great on both huge war pony and rather slim body build of the standard pony. I personally have found it very hard to achieve good looks matching both types of steeds.

Please let us know what do you think about the outfit in comments, or simly rate below the post's title :)

Chest: Reinforced Leather Dunlending Jacket, olive dye (Dunland quest)
Head: Adventurer's Hat, sienna dye (Skirmish cosmetics barter)
Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Wandering Bard, olive dye (Level 58 minstrel Ettenmoors set)
Hands: Warrior's Buckled Gauntlets, olive dye (Dunland quest)
Feet: Hill-Man's Cracked Leather Boots, olive dye (Dunland quest)
Back: Trapper's Backpack, olive dye (Skirmish cosmetics barter)

Warsteed: a light warsteed wearing the "Maurader" set (gear on the warmount is the same quiver from the Steed of the Hunter set)
Mount: Steed of the Hunter (Store)

Back once again...


Hi guys!

I wonder if and when this line started to be cliché on my blog - but I'm back again! And once again I sincerely apologize for not bringing you a new outfit for almost two months. I will keep my work-busyness stuff to myself this time and instead, I will show off what I have been up to in those rare moments of leisure.
I tried out Guild Wars 2 while waiting for Riders of Rohan expansion and got totally hooked into it. I've spent practically every moment I had for myself ingame (which means up to 3-4 hours a week at max, sigh...). I must say it's an amazing game and a piece of art, but totally different from our beloved Lord of the Rings Online.
This is what makes me happy as well, because despite being very deeply dragged into another game, LOTRO hasn't lost its charm for me and I'm already looking forward into taking my dear Freyjuska into Rohan, trying out mounted combat and other stuff which has recently come.

Until then I will try to get up to speed with your e-mails and wonderful guest submissions, first of them being published today (and I totally love it!). Thank you for bearing with me :)


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