Monday, December 5, 2011

Video guide: Previewing armour's appearance

For a long time I've been worried that I don't have any good "hands on" guides for LoTRO cosmetic system on my blog. I was thinking how to fix this, but I was too lazy to make a detailed written guides for all the aspects of cosmetics. I also knew it would be difficult to explain some very basic stuff without showing the "clicking" to outfitting beginners. 

And then I got an idea - let's make video guides! This is the first and the very basic of them, focused on previewing armour pieces in the dressing room.

Previewing armour's appearance

This short guide covers:
  • Previewing items from quest window or inventory
  • Working with dressing room
  • Linking items to chat

And now, I really need your feedback! Do you like the form of the video? The background music? Could I do anything to make it easier to understand? And furthermore, what questions would you like to have covered in upcoming video guides? So far, I was thinking about following topics:
  • Using cosmetic slots
  • Working with wardrobe
  • Using dyes
  • Installing B.D.R.X. skin ("big dressing room")
  • Outfitting tips for all races
  • Outfitting tips for different occasions
Most of these topics will probably be split into several videos, as I would like to keep those 2-3 minutes short.

Please let me know your opinions! And don't hesitate to follow LoTROFashion on Twitter and YouTube to be the first to know about new videos :)


  1. What a great idea! I have heard comments from some people just starting out with outfitting that previewing outfits, using the wardrobe, etc., can be a bit confusing, so I think these guides will be really useful. I definitely think using the wardrobe will be a great topic for beginners, and I myself am really interested in hearing about the "big dressing room", as plugins are something I know nothing about.

    I also must say that you have a lovely speaking voice and sounded very professional!

  2. Another plus: now I know how to properly pronounce your name!

    I think you could have talked a little slower at a couple points, but it was well done and I hope you get to make some more. I like all those ideas. Another topic that would be helpful: dyes from a scholar's point of view, especially which dyes and ingredients are the most rare, or any tips on getting them, and also how to look for things on the AH.

  3. What a lovely idea. I was recently quite shocked to find out that many of my kinfolk had no idea how to use the dressing room or how to get the best use of the wardrobe feature. Instead of spending ages typing instructions I can just direct them here now. Thank you very much.

    I'm also very interested in a video about the BDRX skin, having read several posts about it but always giving up as it sounds so complicated to install. A video will hopefully make this a lot easier to understand.

  4. I love this! I thought you were easy to understand and the background music fit well and wasn't too loud or annoying. I don't really have any criticism because I really enjoyed it a lot. I can't wait to see other videos you come up with :)

  5. perfect idea, you might consider to not make manuals only for cosmetics but other lotro features too. like creating shortcuts, installing plugins or cosmetic related like to create one "button" to change whole outfit with one click.

    video is easy to understand and cute ^^


  6. Today I had the perfect opportunity to refer someone to your video on installing the Big Dressing Room plugin. Except it doesn't exist! sadness


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