Saturday, April 30, 2011

Noble captain


Amarilwen is a captain trained in Rohan, but once she was a little girl found orphaned near Bree by the hobbits. For an early part of her live, she lived among them and preserved some of their ways. She enjoys good weed, beer and company - but as a captain, she always has to keep classy fearless image.
Chest: Westernesse Steel Breastplate of Vigour, gold dye (world drop)
Legs: Enduring Westernesse Steel Leggins of Fate, gold dye (world drop)
Head: Helm of Rohan, gold dye (rare world drop, also available from Store)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Sun-Lands, white dye (world drop)
Hands: Gauntlets of the Sun-Lands, white dye (world drop)
Feet: West-Land Boots of Vibrance, gold dye (T4 crafted)
Back: Cloak of the Autumn Wood, gold dye (Store)

Mischievous hunter


Freyjuska is a skilled hunter, jewelcrafter and member of Hobbit Hare Squad, which is why she proudly displays a symbol of a rabbit on her cloak. She enjoys ambushing enemies from big range and then disappearing quickly, so she prefers to dress lightly and comfortably.
Chest: Elven Cloth Jacket, default dye (world drop)
Legs: Elven Cloth Pants, default dye (world drop) 
Head: Chopley's Hat, sienna dye (Quest: A Curious Number of Bears)
Back: Golodir's Mantle, default dye (Quest: Chapter 1: The Heraldry of Lindon; also available as Cloak from the Men of Bree for Kindred standing with Men of Bree)


My name's Eva and I've been playing Lord of the Rings Online for about 4 years now. Recently I've been very passionate about LOTRO outfitting - the character customization system where you can turn your game characters into fashion dolls and really play a lot with hundreds of different clothes available.

I found great inspiration on existing LOTRO fashion blogs and in bountiful forum topics, such as:

I realized I'd like to post my new outfits too often to sponge upon someone else's blog :) so I created my own. Please comment on any posts with either praise or criticism - both will be very appreciated :) 

You can find me ingame on EU-Snowbourn server on following characters:
Freyjuska (lvl 65 hobbit hunter)
Brewbelly (lvl 65 hobbit minstrel)
Amarilwen (lvl 50+ woman captain)
Phloxie (low level hobbit warden)
Grulka (low level hobbit burglar)
Ladriell (low level woman lore-master)
Accornia (low level hobbit guardian)
Sidgrid (low level elf rune-keeper)
Khamrad (low level dwarf champion)

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