Wish for an outfit!

When I started this blog, I was asked by several friends to create an outfit for their character. They wished for certain race-class combos, particular styles, colours... or simply a personalized outfit for their character to express their personality or role-playing background.

As I was thinking about my friend's attire, I also thought that some of you, readers, might wish for a special outfit. If it is so, I will try to help. I like playing around with outfitting and I like challenges!

I can't promise I'll be able to help all of you, nor create a perfect outfit you will be completely satisfied with. But I can promise I will try :)

If you want to wish for an outfit, please send me an e-mail to lotrofashion(at)gmail(dot)com including all or some of this information:
  • information about your character (name, server, gender, race, description, possibly a screenshot of how he/she looks now)
  • your idea about the outfit style (casual, noble, fancy, battle-ready, cute, elven, hobbit...)
  • your idea about the dominant colour/colour combination
  • specific data about available outfit resources (i.e. "I don't want any store items to be part of my outfit", "I don't want any raiding pieces")
I will try to compose an outfit for you based on information you provide. I will then send you the screenshots and list of items and dyes included - we can discuss it, I can change things you don't like or add something. If you play on EU-Snowbourn server, I can lend you the unbound parts of the outfit to put in your wardrobe. Except for that, you will have to collect respective parts of the outfit yourself.

Please allow some time for your wish to be (or attempted to be) fulfilled, as it might take some time until I find inspiration for this particular outfit (or till I can get to LOTRO for long enough time :)).

Important note: I reserve right to publish the resulting outfit (modelled by your or my character) on my blog as my creation (stating the (nick)name of reader whose wish it was based on).

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