Submit your outfit!

You don't have your own blog and would like to see reactions on an outfit you have put together? Feel free to use my blog to show off!

I'd be happy to find occasional or regular contributors, or even help someone develop an idea to create another LOTRO cosmetics blog. I myself published my first outfit on Lotro Stylist blog and I'm very grateful for the opportunity.

If you'd like to submit an outfit, please use my e-mail address lotrofashion(at)gmail(dot)com and include:
  • name of your character
  • server
  • full (uncropped) screenshots of your dressed character: front view, back view, any interesting detail (close-up, emote...)
  • list of pieces and dyes used in the outfit
  • optional: 
    • scenery or action picture to be used as opening screenshot (see posts on this blog)
    • role-playing background for the outfit or your character. If you don't include this, I will write up some short introduction myself, but we're risking I won't asses you character well :)

If possible, set your game details to maximum your computer can handle, so that the screenshots have the best possible quality. The most important settings:
  • the highest overall graphics (ideally ultra high)
  • the highest overall textures (ideally very high)
  • anti-aliasing 8x

If possible (especially with lower settings), take pictures outside during daylight and not in shadow. As with real life photographing, good light can do miracles if you have bad camera ;)

I don't disqualify submissions taken on low graphical settings, but even a very beautiful outfit can be overlooked if it doesn't look well on the screenshots.

I'm looking forward to see your outfits very much! :)

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