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I created several video guides to help beginners in the LoTRO outfitting system better understand it. I think one hands-on video is better than pages of written text. This page will be continuously updated with new videos and respective posts dedicated to them.

Please suggest topics for new guides which you would find helpful. I will also be very grateful for constructive criticism on how to improve these videos, please let me know in comments to the videos!

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Previewing armour's appearance (released Dec 5th 2011)

  • Previewing items from quest window or inventory
  • Working with dressing room
  • Linking items to chat
Please comment on this video and ask questions on using previewing armour's appearance in this post!

Using cosmetic slots (released Dec 12th 2011)

  • Difference between equipment and cosmetic slots
  • Creating your first outfit using cosmetic slots
  • Switching between more outfits
  • Turning on/off showing of particular piece of item (shoes, headgear...)
Please comment on this video and ask questions on using cosmetic slots in this post!

Working with wardrobe (released Dec 19th 2011)

  • How to access the wardrobe
  • Storing item's appearance in the wardrobe
  • Using items stored in wardrobe for creating an outfit
  • Filtering items in wardrobe, searching for items
  • How to cosmetically equip armour you cannot wear (heavy armour for light classes)
Please comment on this video and ask questions on working with wardrobe in this post!

Using dyes (released Dec 27th 2011)

  • Dying armour stored in the inventory
  • Dying armour stored in the wardrobe
  • Using dyed items in your outfits
  • Using dye wash
  • Finding out if some item can be dyed
Please comment on this video and ask questions on using dyes in this post!

Coming videos
  • Crafting dyes
  • Installing B.D.R.X. skin ("big dressing room")
  • Taking good screenshots
  • Outfitting tips for all races
  • Outfitting tips for different occasions
Please suggest topics which you would like to see here in the comments to the videos!

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