My name's Eva and I've been playing Lord of the Rings Online since 2007, back in the Shadows of Angmar era. I've been very passionate about LOTRO outfitting - the character customization system where you can turn your game characters into fashion dolls and really play a lot with hundreds of different clothes available.

I found great inspiration on existing LOTRO fashion blogs and in bountiful forum topics, such as:

Lotro Stylist
Cosmetic Lotro
Show us your favourite cosmetic outfit (US forum)
...and amazing topics on EU forums which are no longer available (Show us your favourite cosmetic outfit, Show off your Wardrobe outfits)

I realized I'd like to post my new outfits too often to sponge upon someone else's blog :) so I created my own. Please comment on any posts with either praise or criticism - both will be very appreciated :)

You can find me ingame on Snowbourn server on following characters:
  • Freyjuska (lvl 75 hobbit hunter)
  • Brewbelly (lvl 75 hobbit minstrel)
  • Amarilwen (lvl 50+ woman captain)
  • Phloxie (low level hobbit warden)
  • Grulka (low level hobbit burglar)
  • Ladriell (low level woman lore-master)
  • Accornia (low level hobbit guardian)
  • Sidgrid (low level elf rune-keeper)
  • Khamrad (low level dwarf champion)
If you'd like to contact me, or submit your own outfit, please e-mail to lotrofashion(at)gmail(dot)com

Important note: Screenshots on this site taken and published by myself are not photoshopped. All I do is that I sometimes raise saturation and/or gamma+contrast in Irfan View for pictures with bad lightning, but I try to avoid such screenshots. All my designs are definitely achievable ingame with ultra high graphics set.

I cannot guarantee anything for guest submissions, but if I learn that some of them are photoshopped, I will definitely note it on the submission's page.

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