Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wish: Influential dwarf outfit


More than two weeks ago, I received a lovely e-mail from a reader, giving a lot of praise about the blog (thank you, you made my day then! :)). Based on this article, he also wished for a non-armour outfit to wear at Kin meetings and similar occasions for his dwarven guardian Rangrim. We completed the final design right during that week, but unfortunately I didn't have time to publish posts until today, so here it comes!

Rangrim gave me following clues:
  • outfit reflecting Rangrim's status of a wealthy, respected and influential dwarf 
  • no specific colour requirements
  • pieces can come from store, but he would like to avoid raiding pieces and festival stuff (except for the Yule festival, which he has items from)

I created two initial designs - one was aiming for a really noble dwarf dressed for festivities, the other one was rather well fed merchant :) I chose red as the dominant colour, because it's a symbol of wealth in China and looks good combined with gold. Click on the thumbnails to see the designs:


Rangrim loved the first design, especially the vibrant darker shade of red. He loved the cloak from the second design, so I tried out to combine the first design and the second cloak. Unfortunate news was he didn't have the Robe of Thanks (which was the basic component of the first design), nor Extravagant Festival Gloves. I tried to compose something inspired by the first outfit to compensate that:

This attempt was much worse than the first design, but luckily we learned great news - Rangrim found the Robe of Thanks on one of his characters, so we could get back to the initial concept. I just replaced Extravagant Festival Gloves with gloves from the third attempt, and tried out the second design's cloak dyed red and crimson to see which shade better compliments the outfit:

Rangrim loved this version with cloak dyed crimson, he said it was exactly what he wanted - which is the biggest praise for me when it comes to fulfilling readers' wishes :) And you can see the final result on the top of this article.

Please let us know you opinions on the outfit :)

Final result:
Chest: Frostbluff Robe of Thanks, red dye (Winter festival)
Hands: Cotton Gloves, crimson dye (Light armourer, Bree)
Feet: West-land Boots of Vibrance, umber dye (T4 crafted)
Back: Cloak of the Autumn Wood, crimson dye (Store)


  1. lol... "Gloves from the Third Attempt"... where do they drop? ;) :P

  2. those are in fact also the gloves used in final outfit, so:
    Hands: Cotton Gloves, crimson dye (Light armourer, Bree)

    anyway, Gloves from the Third Attempt would be a cool drop name as well :D

  3. Or how about "Third Time's the Charm" :)

    Well done outfit. He definitely looks distinguished!

  4. The robe is something nice,
    I'll consider it for when I start on my dwarf RK.
    He needs something noble / educated.


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