Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eva's AFK

Rate: Dear readers,

I'd like to apologize for abandoning you like that (no new posts for almost two weeks). I've moved to another country and I have to sort out many real life issues, so I don't have much time for this blog and ingame activities.

I will however do my best to bring you new posts this week - I have some very nice guest submissions and wishes for new outfits I'd like to work on :) So please stay tuned and have patience with me.



  1. Sounds like a big change in your life. Hope you get it all sorted soon!

  2. Take your time. Moving to another city is a lot of work; I can only imagine that moving to another country is incredibly complicated.

  3. Another country...how exciting :) Hope your move goes smoothly and you'll be back soon to posting.

  4. yeah, basically it's not like moving to other part of the world - i just moved from slovakia to czech republic (prague) :) but still, there's a lot of paperwork, legal stuff, packing, unpacking... + i started at the new job and have been sent for a business trip right away, so now i'm in estonia :D pretty fast "new beginning" :)

    thanks for your support girls :)


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