Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Guest: Drico of Gilrain


Drico is a sneaky burglar, who doesn't hesitate to stealthily approach and pickpocket anyone. His skills are well known all over the Middle-earth. As he spent a lot time in Staddle as a young lad, the Bree-land guards know him well and sometimes even catch him in the act. Feel free to enjoy his face! :)

Chest: Arrow-fletcher's Jacket, orange dye (Mirkwood hunter purple set)
Legs: Arrow-fletcher's Leggings, orange dye (Mirkwood hunter purple set)
Head: Helm of the Swift Arrow, orange dye (Mirkwood hunter DG set)
Shoulders: Radiant Westernesse Shoulder Guards, orange dye (T5 crafted)
Hands: Arrow-fletcher's Gauntlets, orange dye (Mirkwood hunter purple set)
Feet: Boots of the Great Bow, orange dye (Moria hunter epic set)


  1. His expression is priceless. Is it from an emote?

    The back of the jacket/leggings is quite intricate . . . very interesting outfit.

  2. It's one of moods can't remember which one i've used. Thanks ;)


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