Friday, May 6, 2011

Guest: Bundas of Snowbourn


Who knows what Bundas, renowned warden of Snowbourn, has begged from the lukewarm cow. Shelter? Information? Mercy? Or even piece of her back limb for his luncheon? I'm not sure what this little hobbit lad is capable of. But I'm absolutely sure of one thing - this is the cutest outfit we've had on this blog! :)
Chest: Spear-shaker's Jacket, default dye (lvl 65 Helegrod warden epic set)
Legs: Spear-shaker's Leggings, default dye
Shoulders: Spear-shaker's Shoulders, default dye
Hands: Barrow-warrior's Gauntlets, Evendim blue dye (lvl 25 Great Barrows heavy set)
Feet: Spear-shaker's Boots, default dye
Back: Burglar's Cover, default dye (drop from Dorozg The Beast-Tamer in Grand Stairs)

Important note: All these items except for the gloves are undyeable.


  1. I love the Warden Helegrod set. It's so nice looking. Well done :)

  2. me too - when i first saw it, i though "smuuuuuuuurf!" :D it's so cute and male hobbit looks surprisingly good in it.

  3. is he asking for milk or what?


  4. we hobbits have our needs... :)

  5. :DDDDDD thumbs up for the last comment ;)


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