Monday, May 16, 2011

Guest inspiration: Gandalf the Grey


Today I present you a guest submission inspired by one of the most significant Lord of the Rings characters, Gandalf. Sahasrahla's outfit is a little more blue instead of grey, which is because it is supposed to represent a student and follower of Gandalf, not a lookalike. He is noble and mysterious at the same time, and his beard only illustrates his wisdom acquired over the years. Enjoy!

Chest: Robe of Viisaus, default dye (Quest: Vol. I, Book 13, Chapter 4: The Hand of Angmar)
Head: Aguti's Hat, indigo dye (Quest: The Local Wildlife is Deadly; also available as the light armour hat from the Angmar and GB sets)
Hands: Stone-reader's Gloves, default dye (Moria lore-master epic set)
Feet: Boots of the Stone-student, default dye (Moria lore-master purple set)
Back: Jubut-Rud, default dye (drop from Grand Stairs)


  1. Player outfits are just no match for NPC outfits. We try but then we compare ourselves to the NPC's and... /sigh... I want Amarthiel's dress!!! Grrrrr

  2. That is a very good match to Gandalf's outfit. I'm definitely going to keep my eye out for that hat.

  3. There is a hat that looks better (of course a matter of taste) light armour lvl 14 quilted hat and lvl 16 linen hat (different color). You can see it on "my Gandalf" destroying the bridge of Khazad-dum

  4. XD lol you are looking silly

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