Monday, May 16, 2011

Wish: Cute hobbit outfit in red


Zinniamae contacted me based on this article wishing for a cute hobbity outfit in red. She also sent me pictures of her, giving some inspiration. She had following requirements:
  • dominant red colour
  • only cosmetic/low level armour pieces used 
  • nothing fancy; rather a common hobbit girl outfit - maybe a little rascally :)
I struggled the most with the cosmetic/low-level armour requirement, as I mostly work with higher level crafted/dropped armour. I designed several compositions and sent them to Zinni:


Zinni liked the second design the most, but modified it a little bit as she liked Plumed Hat more than Snow-Dusted Adventurer's one I used, and missed the Algraig cloak. The image you see on top of this post is the final result modelled by Zinniamae in all her cuteness :) Please let us know in comments how do you like the result :)

Final result:
Chest: Thatcher's Shirt and Pants, crimson dye (Store)
Head: Plumed Hat, red dye (Quest: Intro: Medicine of the Elves)
Back: Cloak of the Boar, red dye (Fall festival)


  1. This is such an awesome idea. I think you did a great job making outfits out of Zinni's requests.

  2. In the last two images, I would be interested to know what that cloak is. :)

  3. alice, that is cloak of the inn league, bartered at kindred reputation from mathom society :)


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