Monday, May 16, 2011

Guest: Brrokk of Snowbourn


"I am Brrokk Barrowbane. I come originally from the Lonely Mountain far to the East, but I journeyed to these lands in search of riches. Well, that is nothing unusual for a dwarf as you know, but I had little alternative. As a younger son of a large and by no means rich family, I did not have much hope of easy wealth. And, I admit, I was proud. My family were retainers and servants to the dwarf lords who had returned to the Mountain after the defeat of the drake Smaug, but I did not relish such employment. I therefore gathered my few possessions and jouneyed westward, towards Eriador and the Halls of Thorin I had heard of in the far-off Blue Mountains."

This is just a short introduction to wonderful story of Brrokk Barrowbane, renowned guardian of Snowbourn. My dear kinmate has put a great effort into his role-playing backgroung, creating entire blog for his character!
His blog contains biographical information as well as many well-written stories about the journeys and battles he's experienced, including a lot of screenshots. His last post describes the path to his current look, which he also decided to share with readers of my blog. 
For anyone interested in role-playing, I really recommend reading the whole story of Brrokk, which is available here. Enjoy!
Chest: Breastplate of Durin's Guard, black dye (lvl 60 Moria guardian epic set)
Legs: Leggings of the Seven Fathers, black dye (world drop)
Head: Mutnul-Khudh, black dye (drop from School of Tham Mirdain)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Seven Fathers, black dye (world drop)
Hands: Gauntlets of the Seven Fathers, black dye (world drop)
Feet: Boots of the Seven Fathers, black dye (world drop)
Back: Túrchol, black dye (drop from Northcotton Farm)

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