Saturday, May 7, 2011

Guest: Lookdyss of Snowbourn


Coming from Iron Hills, one of the closest lieutenants of Dain Ironfoot, Lookdyss has played an important role by waking up the dragon Smaug and tanking him while Bard the Bowman finished him, he became very famous and respected amongs Dwarfs and was the official leader of The Dwarves from Iron Hills at the Battle of the Five armies, while fighting side by side with men of Dale and elves.
Since that moment he became one of the legends of Middle-Earth and retired himself few years in Moria to fix the trouble his Moria's brothers have made. Since that time, he has been building up an army of brave warriors and has created the Order of Justice, gathering others peeps like him from different races which still respect such virtues like honour, bravery, justice, and he is also waiting for the moment to strike Sauron's puppet and Sauron himself.

One day will come when the dwarf age will come and rule Middle-Earth, and I'll be there that day!
Chest: Rift Defender's Armour, orange dye (Rift Guardian set)
Legs: Rift Defender's Leggings, orange dye
Head: Helm of Rohan, orange dye (Store)
Shoulders: Rift Defender's Shoulder Guards, orange dye
Hands: Rift Defender's Gloves, orange dye
Feet: Rift Defender's Boots, orange dye
Back: Cloak of Shadow and Flame, black dye (drop from Gwathnor in Quest: Vol. II, Book 6, Instance: New Devilry; also available as Store cosmetic)


  1. this is how i imagine a mighty dwarf! thanks Lookdyss, also for interesting rp background :)

  2. RP story si perfect! :) But for that last sentence... I would cut off your head dwarf... if it stood but a little higher from the ground.



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