Thursday, May 5, 2011

Guest: Silanish of Snowbourn


Even though it might look so, Silanish is not a hunter. This champion of Snowbourn believes his strength lies in quick moves as he strikes enemies, who think they surround him - but in fact, he surrounds them! His agile moves are deadly and he doesn't need fiercely looking heavy armour to prove that.
Chest: Sturdy Westernesse Armour, default dye (T4 crafted)
Legs: Hardened Steel Leggings, default dye (T3 crafted) 
Shoulders: Sturdy Westernesse Shoulders, default dye (T4 crafted)
Hands: Sturdy Westernesse Gloves, default dye (T4 crafted)
Feet: Sturdy Westernesse Boots, default dye (T4 crafted)
Back: Cloak of the Golden Wood, default dye (Skirmish vendor)

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