Thursday, May 5, 2011

Guest: Grulko of Snowbourn


Grulko is always on the move. Well, he has to be, as there are many citizens of Middle-Earth he robbed... oh, pardon me - borrowed something from them :) It is hard to keep up with him when it comes to speed and disguise, and if he wants to enjoy his peaceful elevensies, he simply changes his clothes, puts the mask into his back pocket and noone can tell him from noble Shire citizens. Life of a criminal can be fun!
Chest: Radiant Elven Armour, black dye (T4 crafted)
Legs: Quilted Leggins, black dye (T2 crafted)
Head: Raven Festival Mask, black dye (Fall festival)
Shoulders: Quilted Shoulder Pads, black dye (T2 crafted)
Hands: Extravagant Festival Gloves, black dye (Winter festival)
Feet: Soft Leather Boots, black dye (Outfitter vendor)

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