Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Late watches

If anybody says Shire is a safe haven of Middle-earth, his words are long past due. Bindbole Wood, a landmark in northern Shire, has recently been infested with horrible spiders and goblins, troubling peaceful hobbits and careless travelers. Especially at night, the road passing through Overhill is very dangerous. Luckily, many hobbits have also been trained by the Rangers in recent past, to be able to defend their homeland from allies of the enemy. One of them is Wasabito, a skilled warden born in Overhill, who keeps an eye on his hometown and lumberers working in surrounding forest.

A pre-order option for the upcoming expansion, Riders of Rohan, has become available last week. Of course I had to buy it, for the amazing Rohirrim cosmetics, if for nothing else. I'm a little disappointed that the Armour of the Eastemnet set does not dye, so it remains mostly olive. It's such a pity Turbine limits use of excellent pre-order cosmetics again, as they did with Rise of Isengard :(

Enough complaints - despite it's colour limitations, the Eastemnet set looks gorgeous. So does the steed - it looks sturdy and agile at the same time, fitting for a Rohirrim horse. But the best about the whole ensemble is that the armour looks amazing on all races and genders. It makes even male hobbits look sexy, so I had to make use of it :) I added burgundy accessories (to match the steed's harness) and the horrible Cloak of Vigilance, which I usually hate. Here, however, it seems to bind the pieces of the outfit together and the braided blonde fur matches the mount as well.

Don't forget to check out all the cosmetics which come with Riders of Rohan pre-order on Cosmetic LOTRO - Hymne did a great job collecting and previewing them (even the weird horse-mane cloak rewarded for the ingame deed following pre-purchase - and I mean, there's really horse mane sticking out of it!).

Please let me know what do you think about the outfit in comments, or simply rate below the post's title :)

Chest: Hauberk of the Eastemnet, default dye (Riders of Rohan pre-order, all editions) 
Shoulders: Hardened Steel Dunlending Pauldrons, olive dye (Dunland quest)
Hands: Hyrde-folme, burgundy dye (Dunland quest)
Feet: Polished Boots of the Dunland Shieldman, burgundy dye (Dunland quest)
Back: Cloak of Vigilance, burgundy dye (Store)

Mount: Steed of the Eastemnet (Riders of Rohan pre-order, Heroic or Legendary edition)

./mountrearup (Store exclusive)


  1. The Hauberk is very beautiful but I remain sad that it cannot be dyed. Combining it with another selection of shoulders/boots doesn't make it thát different.
    I completely hate the steed though. It's just a stupid plain blonde horse and I'm not impressed by the blanket. I much prefer the horse you get from Theodred's Riders. Same colours but a much lovelier design.
    Only thing from the cosmetics set that I like is the helmet. Will probably be using that one some time.

    1. hehe, there's as many tastes as there are people and cosmetics fans - I hate the helmet for instance :) for me, it's the same story as RoI circlets - the big horse head might work from RP perspective, but it looks weird imho.

      anyway, I'll link your preview above - because I'm posting quite late, I forgot about it but it offers great overview of Rohan pre-order items :)

  2. Wow, the hauberk does look great on a Hobbit! Looks excellent with that cloak too, well done!

    Put me down as another disappointed by the non-dye-ability of the pre-order cosmetics. I'd understand more if there were several sets in different undyeable colours and each pre-order package had one two or three of the sets, for example. In any case, it still is an awesome looking set of cosmetics, though!

    1. "I'd understand more if there were several sets in different undyeable colours and each pre-order package had one two or three of the sets, for example."
      - that's how I interpreted RoI pre-order, I thought they wanted to "ensnare" customers into buying the biggest pack, which included all colour version of the armour. but it doesn't make sense in Rohan, where we have really a LOT of difference between each version. strange :(

    2. Yeah, I totally agree. It's making me a super sad panda that I can't change the dyes. I wonder if the horse can eventually be dyed/customized under the new mounted combat system? I need to do more reading.

      Anyway, what a dashing, adventurous hobbit! I love that cloak.

  3. I had to get the cosmetics from the legendary edition because one of my characters is a Warden of Rohan. And she looks HAWT in that hauberk. ;)

    I really like the Cloak of Vigilance. My Warden wears it with her cold weather outfit.

    1. hehe, seems like they finally made a totally rp-fitting outfit for you! :))

  4. With RoI it kind of made sense that the cosmetics couldn't be dyed, since the option to get three different colors was one of the extra bonuses of the legendary package. This year there was no such problem, but they're still not dyable. A bit disappointing. I do like how it flatters difference race/gender combinations though.

    I also like your horse-plunging-into-water screenshot. :D

  5. Oh hah, and I guess some people have already said the same thing in the time between when I loaded this page and when I wrote the comment. That's what I get for leaving it up for hours and not refreshing.

  6. Eli, no problem for repeating, it's a valid argument! :D

    ad "horse-plunging-into-water" - poor guy had to drink, Wasabito doesn't give him an easy time ;)

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