Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New blogs about LOTRO cosmetics - volume 3


It's been a long time since I presented new LOTRO outfitting blogs (aside from tweeting a little here, a little there), which is shameful and I'd like to set this right! For instance, I realized I totally neglected launch of the Starry Mantle last November (I mean I didn't write about it - of course I've been totally hooked up on Starry from the beginning!). No more mistakes like this anymore! :))

Landroval Style has been up for a month and a half and already has a nice collection of good looking outfits. It presents blog owner's creations, as well as other Landroval players - I totally love the "Seen on the Streets" category, which is kind of Landroval fashion police. There are several other interesting series, such as Dress It Up challenges or Cloak of the Day - don't miss them!

I can't believe I missed Vogue of the Rings when it launched in last year's November (aye, that's the same month Starry Mantle launched - must have been very busy month for me :( ). It's run by Danica, whom you might remember by this outfit which ended up in TOP 9 in Yule Fashion Contest 2011 (under character's name Diamint). There's bountiful collection of outfits - please check them out and encourage the author to continue posting!

You might need Google Translate's help for this one, but Estel Fashion is certainly worth checking out. Blog started in December and is aimed at francophone community, but screenshots speak one united language anyway :)

An Unexpected Fashion Blog launched only last month and it already has a lot of inspirational posts. I particularly love a gypsy maiden, so wonderfully set within the scenery.

...and there are more! Many blogs have arisen from Newbie Blogger Initiative, which I was also part of as a mentor (only in the beginning of May though, work schedule came into my plans :( ). Some of these blogs only have a few posts at the moment, but watch them closely - there's inspiration in each and every post and who knows which of them will grow into established fashion blogs!

Moria Fashion (dwarven F2P outfits)

Lotro Cinna (which I love because of Hunger Games reference!)

Tip: I also updated my blogroll on the right side - check it out! I've separated outfitting blogs from other sites, so that it's easier to search among them.


  1. Wow, thank you for this! One of the hardest parts of starting a blog is finding someone to read it, lol. It's fantastic to be mentioned in such a fashion (oh dear, here I go with the terrible puns) and I've been admiring yours, and Starry, Hymne, Landroval, Lotro Style, etc. for a very long time.

    Here's hoping to a fun and fashion-filled career of Lotro and blogging. Oh, and some major new storage announcements with the expansion. :)

  2. Eeee, thanks, Freyjuska! I leap to your blog every time I see a new post, so I'm thrilled to be noticed by you.


  3. Thank you very much for the opportunity to have Material Middle-Earth mentioned in your fashion blog! this blog, as well as Cosmetic LOTRO, have been my biggest inspirations! I'm surprised to have been noticed so early in my blog :)

  4. Awesome, I'll have to check these out. Thanks for posting these, Frey!

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