Monday, January 16, 2012

Guest: Fazlee of Landroval


In desert lands of Lonelands, the sun was slowly setting down and all the critters started to seek warmth and shelter before the cruel night. But for Fazlee Blackmoor, a nomadic captain known as Swift Executioner on Landroval, the fun was only starting. He enjoys the day but thrives at night, fighting the most dangerous enemies and facing all the dark and evil he can find. Fear not Amon Sûl, fear not Middle-earth! Fazlee can save you and amuse himself at the same time!

I simply love how exotic this outfit looks. It could be used as perfect southern ranger garb, as well as true Nomad's hunting attire. By the way, notice how Fazlee matched the ranger star on shoulders to its equivalent on gauntlets :) Fazlee didn't use any cloak to make his great sword stand out, but if you'd prefer one, he recommends Scholar's Cloak in burgundy, which can be crafted by T4 tailor.

Chest: High Herald's Armour, burgundy dye (T6 crafted)
Legs: Lesser Secret of the West Leggings, burgundy dye (Level 65 burglar epic set)
Head: Traveller's Hood, burgundy dye (Store)
Shoulders: Fine Grey Company Wrap, burgundy dye (Quest: Volume III Book 5, Chapter 1: Separate Ways)
Hands: Gloves of Helmingas, default dye (RoI pre-order)
Feet: Hardened Steel Dunlending Boots, default dye (Dunland quest)


  1. That first screenshot is just breathtaking. This is a wonderfully unique outfit, so cool!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I do like this outfit, and I might have to do something similar with my warden :)


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