Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Yule festival cosmetics!


Today we've learned great news brought by Hymne about cross-class bartering being back (except for Ettenmoors armour). This means we can exchange barter currencies for armour not dedicated to our class once again, and then use it in outfits via wardrobe (here's how).

Except for this, Moraiwë of Arkenstone noticed that there are 4 new cosmetic pieces available at Yule festival quartermaster. She was willing to take screenies for me, as I'm reinstalling my computer and don't have LoTRO client at the moment.

Snowy Tunic and Pants | Snowy Dress

Snowy Hoodless Cloak | Brisk Cloak

So far I'm most intrigued about the Snowy Hoodless Cloak - there could be some very elegant outfits emerging from it! *crossing fingers for good bandwidth while downloading the client*

What do you think of the new cosmetics? Tell us in comments!

Update: Thanks again to Moraiwë I borrowed picture of the new Snowy Steed from @SunGryphon's tweet.


  1. @SunGryphon on Twitter has screenshots of an apparently new horse, too!

  2. A good day all around for the cosmetically-driven players in LOTRO! Looks like I'll have to earn some more Yule tokens to get these new shinies!


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