Saturday, January 21, 2012

Guest: Daerundros of Laurelin

An outfit so sickeningly cute and revolting, it is no wonder that the person who wears it is constantly ridiculed and shamed for his bad taste in fashion. It was offered as a Lottery sweepstake prize and landed in the hands of the unknowing Daerundros, who was forced to wear this outfit an entire day. Shame and embarassment followed as her fellow elves laughed at her the entire day, and she breathed a sigh of relief as the day was over and she could change into her normal clothes.

Daerundros said about her outfit: "I decided to do something with the pre-order cloaks from Moria, the first being Selarthil's outfit with Cloak of Durin's crown. I quite liked how it turned out to be one of the wackiest outfits I have ever created. My friends thought it looked revolting and disgusting, but it was a true goldmine of jokes I tell you! Here we have an angry and reluctant Daerundros posing, obviously not pleased, for the camera. She smashed the camera after photoshooting was finished."

Chest: Elven Shirt of Fate, turquoise dye (world drop; also available from Light armoursmith in Rivendell)
Legs: Heavy Padded Leggings, rose dye (T2 crafted)
Feet: Strong Calenard War-boots, turquoise dye (T7 crafted)
Back: War-cloak of Isildur, default dye (Moria pre-order)

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