Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wish: Adorable hobbit in purple


Some time ago, I received a wish for an outfit from Evlin, cute hobbit minstrel of Crickhollow. She also sent me a picture of her current outfit:

Evlin had a very good idea of what she expected from the outfit. The main idea was "a perfect cosmetic outfit that reflects the personality you want to give your character (beautiful, adventurous, battle-worthy) and you keep it on from level 1 (exaggeration) to level 75 only changing the colors once in a while." Except for this, she had following requirements:
  • Outfit either casual, battle-ready, cute and basically designed for a hobbit
  • Ceremonial Cloak of the West-tower used in the outfit
  • Colours: purple (violet works too, but purple is best), also Evendim blue, any shade of green (for a minstrel) or Ered Luin blue
  • No raid gear whatsoever unless it can be bought somewhere else, no store items in the outfit and hopefully no higher level gear

I sent Evvy the first two designs:

In the first design, I tried to combine the cloak and Evvy's favourite purple colour in a way that it's "hobbity" enough. Hobbit lasses look amazing in dresses, and although it's not exactly battle ready type of clothes, minstrel usually keeps her distance, so she doesn't need heavier armour to protect her. And such a nice cleavage forming dress would certainly help her increase morale of her fellows :)

In the second design I went for rich hobbit traveler look - turquoise and gold combination. I included shoes in the design, but barefoot works too.

Evvy didn't like the first outfit very much, because she would feel like she betrayed her characters by making them run around marshes and slimy caves in dresses, and I had no other choice than completely agree :))

She liked the second outfit very much and wanted to wear the same in purple dye. However, there were a lot of Tier 6 crafted items used and Evvy had no access to those. Also, the robe (most widely known as Survivor's Robe) was only acquirable very expensively for skirmish marks, or from the pre-Moria epic questline at that time (it's now available in the store as well). So we tried to come up with something similar and easily acquirable. I sent her the third design:

All of the items used here (except for the cloak) are purchasable from vendors or crafted up to Tier 5, so they are widely available on Auction Hall. Evvy loved the second variant shown in this design and asked for items list. She was so keen to already be wearing the outfit, that she didn't even wait for it and took initiative - she built the outfit herself, using slightly different outfit, but keeping the overall impression, which I value very highly :))

Evlin mentioned she will probably later switch to the Survivor's Robe when she gets it as a quest reward, but until then, Long Fancy Robe purchasable from outfitter vendor is a very decent replacement :) 

Please let us know you opinions on the outfit! :)

Final result:
Chest: Long Fancy Robe, purple dye (Outfitter in Michel Delving)
Shoulders: Guardsman’s Medium Shoulders of Naillan, purple dye (Skirmish medium armour barter)
Boots: Esquire’s Medium Boots of Adlan, purple dye (Skirmish medium armour barter)
Cloak: Ceremonial Cloak of the West-tower (Skirmish classic barter)


  1. I like this outfit. But I still think hobbits should not wear shoes.

  2. :) It was fun to read about myself XDD
    Thanks A LOT for making this outfit! It reflects exactly how I picture my hobbit!
    This woman can work miracles people!
    Though if I am role playing, I will occasionally trample around with nothing on except for the Robe of the Learned Stag in white and a mug of ale.

    ~Saelriane (aka Evlin, Tinuryane, Eristor and Tasmanian of Crickhollow US)

  3. its so cool to see my girlfriend on a website! i also agree that it is a very nice outfit

    ~Basantir of crickhollow US

  4. If she wants to find the Survivor's robe earlier, I've seen it on the AH as the lvl 49 Westernesse Robe and lvl 74 Robe of Fate.

    1. I don't mind waiting, It's so incredibly cheap now in the Skirmish Camp with the new marks/medallion system... If I was really DYING for it, I could go work on it now and get it within the next 2 hours. :3

    2. I found it in the AH as Westernesse Robe. I been looking for a decent replacement because I feel bare with no designs on the dress. It was only until I dyed the robe purple and shipped it to Evvy that I realized it was the robe you were talking about xD


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