Monday, August 22, 2011

Golden bravery


Captains, leaders of men, are by nature noble and fearless. I cannot help myself associating them with golden armours shining in front lines. The breastplate of the North-Drake has been long preserved in Maney's family, being inherited from father to son for generations. It has seen many battles and has many scratches, but never failed its wearer. Let it bring hope to Maney's legions as well!

Chest: Breastplate of the North-Drake, gold dye (drop from the Rift)
Legs: Sturdy Westernesse Leather Leggings, ranged green dye (T5 crafted)
Shoulders: Shining Dwarf Leather Shoulder Guards, gold dye (world drop)
Hands: Dwarf Leather Gauntlets of Fate, gold dye (world drop)
Feet: Gaerdail, ranger green dye (drop from the Rift)
Back: Wood-Wanderer's Cloak, gold dye (store)


  1. A very nice gold outfit! So many outfits one sees are monochrome; one bright colour used all over. These gold pieces have realistic variations within them: brown, green and silver areas. And yet the overall effect is indeed gold.

  2. thank you! that's what i was aiming for - an outfit which would look really gold, but also indicate that it's been to some battles and wasn't only being polished in the closet :)


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