Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Guest: Rendalc of Eldar


We have seen Rendalc's casual outfit, but every decent hobbit burglar should also have an armour ready to wear to battle, no matter how fierce. Despite his mischievous nature, kind of expected for a burglar of his reputation, he dressed up in a noble way to cheer up the hobbits present in the Last Homely House: "Don't worry pals, we will keep the Middle-Earth safe until you're done with your mission. It's in the right hands!"

Chest: Hauberk of the Greenwood, white dye (store)
Head: Razor-helm, white dye (drop from Grand Stairs)
Shoulders: Dagfari’s Protection, default dye (Quest: Wright of Destruction)
Hands: Fine Footman’s Gloves, white dye (T6 crafted)
Feet: Brushed Leather Boots, white dye (store)
Back: Elf Lord’s Cloak, white dye (store)


  1. Yikes, a Star Wars bounty hunter! :-)

  2. :DDD brrokk, you're totally right :) (makes me laugh even more because as a proper hobbit, i'm going to play smuggler which is light side bounty hunter once SWTOR launches :)


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