Monday, August 22, 2011

Which posts do you like the most?

After two weeks of my absence because of real life issues I'm back to apologize :) and bring new outfits & poll results!

I'm really annoyed by being forced to make long breaks from the blog. Especially because I don't like testing your readers' patience with me :) But after each break, I have quite a lot fresh ideas, very interesting wishes waiting in my mailbox, as well as beautiful guest submissions. I will publish them over the next days and I'm looking forward to your opinions!

As for the last poll, it seems you like my original creations, what makes me blush :) Thank you for that! I myself voted for wish-based outfits, because I really like working with people to create the best outfit possible according to their thoughts. It broadens my horizons - I tend to stick to my favourite pieces, colours etc. and you people force me to change that - which is great :)

Please, don't forget to vote in the current poll - what armour do you have access to? I would like to make the posts on the blog more accessible to you. As you might have noticed, I use heavy armour pieces very often and I don't know how many of you actually can access those. What if 60% of my readers are light wearers?! Please help me find out :)


  1. It's not exactly a wish for an outfit, I like your original creations, but I'm curious: have you seen the promo pictures from The Hobbit?
    I love the unique looks they gave to Thorin and Co:

    If you ever make any of those, I'll be delighted.

  2. yey, that looks really good! i'll try to make an inspired outfit, but it will probably take me some time (already have legolas inspiration and four wishes in queue, last month i really neglected the blog too much :*)).

    please keep the ideas coming, they are very valuable! :)

  3. I'm glad you like them, too! :)

    Take you time, I appreciate all your entries.


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