Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wardrobe restriction removed in Isengard?

In his new post, Jadzi mentions:
"Also, I should note that as it stands now in Beta, the current restrictions on what you can add to the wardrobe are being removed. You'll no longer need to be able to equip a piece to add it. So, for instance, a soloing minstrel could find a piece of heavy armor they like and use it cosmetically."

This means we would be able to use any item - heavy, medium, light of any level and class without need to have a character being able to equip it. 

It would be absolutely great for all of us fashion freaks if it stays like this to the live release. My top heavy character is still only level 54 and I was already worried how will I level her up to get access to T7 crafted heavy items, which I hope will be beautiful. Let us pray! :)


  1. Isengard-related news make me happier and happier)

  2. Also hope this stays in the live game! I was grumpy thinking I'd have to level a heavy armor character just for cosmetics.

  3. That would definitely open up the options!

  4. Just thought I'd mention that in Beta ALL wardrobe restrictions are lifted. That means that as a minstrel I can purchase a piece of Burglar armour from the skirmish barter and put it in my wardrobe.

  5. I started Rift Pugs on my LM and almost have the full Gloom's Bane set so I can use it with Lm and Rk :)

    I hope this is a fact! Any info you guys get,please share it here.



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