Sunday, August 28, 2011

Guest: Gerbag of Whitywindle


Gerbag is already a famous dwarven fashionista (outfit 1, 2). His third outfit provides no disappointment. In this gleaming armour he truly shines as the King of the Mountain.

Chest: Smith-klath, gold dye (world drop)
Legs: Dwarf Steel Leggings, washed (T4 crafted)
Head: Helm Of Rallying, gold dye (world drop)
Shoulders: Strong Defender's Shoulder Guards, washed (T3 crafted)
Hands: Westernesse Steel Gauntlets Of Might, washed (world drop)
Feet: Barrow-warrior's Boots, gold dye (Great Barrow level 25 set)
Back: Cloak of Silver Star, gold dye (store)


  1. That helm looks like a crown! Lovely :)

  2. not only it looks like a crown, i also admire how perfectly it matches the golden part of the cloak. like they were meant to be used together

  3. Those shoulder pads must be different for dwarves than men


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