Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Have you participated in Yule Outfit Contest?

Last poll I ran on the blog was very important to me personally - I hoped to get feedback on idea of cosmetic video guides I started this month.

I am quite happy with the results - 80% of you think the idea is good! This definitely makes me want to continue with this effort and prepare more outfitting basics vids. I am going to publish one today and more will be coming in the new year :)

Two people voted they didn't like the 1st video - this is also very important feedback for me. It's a pity the poll doesn't support leaving more detailed feedback. I would be most grateful for commenting on the videos even if you don't like them - pointing out what bothered you would be the best help I could ask for in improving the video guides!

The new poll's goal is to encourage you to participate in our Yule Outfit Contest 2011 and find out if we promoted it well enough. Please don't hesitate to comment directly on the contest announcement to find out more details you miss!

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