Friday, December 16, 2011

Sad sad news :( - barter restrictions for class/rank specific armour

Outfitting system is becoming more restrictive once again. Since Update 5, we are no longer able to barter for armour we are not eligible for. Following criteria must be met:
  • correct class,
  • higher than minimum level of the item,
  • higher than minimum rank of the item.

This is applicable for barterers who offer class specific armour, such as barterers in Ettenmoors, new Isengard instance hub and Ost Dunhoth reward barterers (these have been tried and confirmed).

Wardrobe restrictions haven't been changed, so you can still put other class' armour above your level into your wardrobe - you just won't be able to barter for it. If you acquire this armour via quest, or you purchase it from auction hall (this applies to all Bind-on-Equip items), you will still be able to equip it cosmetically via wardrobe.

My personal opinion is that this is unnecessary return to restricting cosmetic usage of items. I understand if somebody is unhappy, because he's earned rank 9 in Ettenmoors and somebody who never played PvMP can wear the same stuff as him. There a big "but" - in Ettens, where rank is matter of prestige, cosmetic armour cannot be shown anyway, so no "n00b" would be able to look as top players there. And outside of Ettens - nobody cares.

I'll rather finish my whining, because right now, I'm really disappointed about this change :(

Note: Big thanks to Kemendin for letting me know this news by e-mail and Hymne.


  1. This really sucks. Can I just echo you? Outside of Moors, nobody cares.

  2. Damn, I've been wanting an OD warden piece for cosmetic reasons for ages... wish I'd got the medallions and bought it now...

    It's likely to be years before I level my warden to that point..

  3. Really unfortunate. Maybe if we express our disappointment we can get them to reconsider.

    You're absolutely right that outside of the Ettenmoors this doesn't matter; in the Moors there is already a mechanism in place protecting the achievement of people who have earned rank gear.

    If it was a matter of people mistakenly bartering for gear from the wrong class, you'd think they could just add a confirmation dialogue...

  4. Thanks for spreading this news. As starrymantle says, perhaps if we protest loudly, this will go back to being what it was before the update. It kind of irks me, too, that Turbine is being so supportive of the Yule outfit contest hosted by three wonderful cosmetic blogs right after taking away a healthy chunk of cosmetics from us. Ah well.

  5. You actually don't have to be above minimum level.. I got the OD armor on my burg alt (he's lvl 52).

  6. The reason they did this, is because many people were accidentally bartering for items not for their class. At least 3 people in my kinship have done this and i know of many others who have as well. Now i love getting those OD cosmetics, but I think spending lots of time getting the required marks for an on-level raid set takes precedence over cosmetics in this case.

    1. Fortunately!, As of 1/19/12 we are able to get gear from a different class, I am very glad to announce this for this "Blackout" of limited barter restriction is now raised and free to choose your gear!


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