Thursday, December 15, 2011

Seeker of wisdom

Many winters have passed since Maney started to walk the path to wisdom, studying ancient parchments and seeking enlightenment. He never entitled himself as a scholar or lore-keeper, nor has he maintained deep friendships with the Istari as many acknowledged lore-masters did. He has solely searched for deeper knowledge, and because of this purpose he often visited ancient Elrond's archives in Rivendell. He has dedicated his life to the secrets of life, not death, as he has always turned to light instead of darkness. So despite his simple human origin, he started to be called the White Wizard, and is known for his goodwill and love for learning and teaching.

There aren't many cosmetics ingame which look really good dyed white. I was very happy to discover that many of the new bind-on-equip drops from Isengard instance cluster belong to them. This outfit is a showoff of what I've been able to buy off auction hall since yesterday (I don't have much free time to explore the instances themselves these days). All of the items dye pretty well except for the chest piece - it's dyable, but always stays white (maybe a bug?).

Do you like this outfit? Please let me know and comment!

Chest: Cel-crus, default dye (Drop from Update 5 instance cluster)
Legs: Tavol-socas, white dye (Drop from Update 5 instance cluster)
Head: Steadfast Westfold Assault Hat, white dye (T7 crafted)
Shoulders: Gwir-palvais, white dye (Drop from Update 5 instance cluster)
Hands: Gloves of the Westfold, default dye (Isengard pre-order)
Feet: Rhydhid-lhopan, white dye (Drop from Update 5 instance cluster)
Back: Cloak of the Westfold, default dye (Isengard pre-order)


  1. -drools- So... many... pretties... my preciousss...

    -ahem- I mean, another awesome creation! White Lore-masters are always epic. I particularly like the shoulders and boots - I can see I'm going to be running these new instances in search of certain pieces! That first opening screenshot is pure beauty, by the way. The lighting, the positioning.... everything about it.

  2. Kemendin - thanks very much for your lovely comments! i hit your lore-master weak spot, didn't i? ;))

  3. Echoing Kemendin, that first shot is gorgeous with the Last Homely House in the background!

    I really like how the helm adds to the whole effect, there's definitely something "wise-looking" about it. Very nice! (and I must. have. those shoulders -- off to the auction house!)

  4. Like your Wisdom Seeker a lot! Hate those stupid bugs where items cannot be dyed since RoI.

  5. Yes, that first screen is a really nice picture. And... this is a pretty good Yule outfit!

  6. I'm no fan of robes and clothing outfits, usually, but this might be my favorite outfit on here now. Thats a fine mix of new pieces and pre-order pieces. Excellent job!
    This man stacks vitality.

  7. those shoulders look so awesome. Im checking the AH daily now for them but so far no luck :(


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