Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter revelry


Freyjuska has recently gained a lot prestige among Dunlending folk and even Théodred's riders, by driving off enemy forces and helping those in need. She decided to give herself a well-deserved break from serious business and get some past time for herself only. Freyjuska went on a good old fashioned hunt to her favourite district - Forochel, which always shimmers with northern light and evokes peace and serenity.

Again, I encouraged you, dear readers, to dress up in a winter outfit, and my own beloved lil' hobbit has been left neglected. Until now. After doing many skirmishes for superior 4th marks, I was left with tons of campaign marks and decided to find a decent use for them. I've never been a big fan of skirmish cosmetic rewards (especially hauberks), but sometimes just the right colour or combination is necessary to fall in love with an attire - and this happened to me just today.

I made so many action screenshots I couldn't decided which one to use as an opening picture. So I apologize for screenshot spam - I've decided to include those I liked the most. I don't usually dress up Freyjuska a lot (for some mysterious reason unknown to me, because she's adorable and I love her!) and when I do, I overenjoy it a bit :)

How do you like this outfit? Please, leave your feedback in comments!

Chest: Decorative Hauberk, purple dye (Skirmish cosmetic barter)
Hands: Burnished Dunlending Gauntlets, purple dye (Dunland quest reward)
Feet: Ajokoira Shoes, purple dye (T5 crafted)
Back: Feathered-Cloak of the North-men, purple dye (Skirmish cosmetic barter)


  1. I can't decide if "gorgeous" or "adorable" is the more fitting term for this outfit, because it's actually both! Somehow you've managed to create and outfit that is both deep and cheery, and it fits right in with the landscapes of Forochel. I particularly like the last screenshot - I don't think I've ever encountered a hobbit hunter with a crossbow before!

  2. yeyyy thanks so much! about the crossbow, it's my little personal meme and i've been bugging people with it for a few years already - since release of legendary items, i refuse to play with anything else than a crossbow :) it reminds me of an air gun i used in WoW when i tried trial and i loved the character screaming "i'm outta ammo" :*)

  3. The outfit looks awesome, and I love the crossbow
    can't wait to get my first legendary item.=)

  4. Beautiful! Love the warm winter colours and she looks very comfy. :D

  5. I use a crossbow too because it just seems more dwarvish. (Yes, OK, I know about the dwarfs in "The Last Battle"...)

    This is a great outfit. So often in Misty Mountains and Forochel I see people walking about and think "that person has 10 minutes to live before they die of hypothermia!" But this outfit looks like it could actually keep you warm.

  6. it really suits you. I like this winter outfit very much. plus screenshots are really great.


  7. Forochel <3 I love the deep colours used typically everyone thinks greens and reds but these work so well, loving the cloak i forgot all about that one from the skirmish vendor!

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