Monday, August 20, 2012

Guest: Aisana of Elendilmir

Aisana is an elven hunter, who is devoted strongly to the forces of light. As a young child, she had a dream of majestic deer who revealed a prophecy of her life - to kill the servants of evil in order to protect the pure. Since then, she's spent a lot of time protecting those in need, but the place she often returns to is her beautiful home, Lothlórien. There she sometimes spends a little time dressing up - she's seen a lot of darkness, but deep in her heart she is still a little girl who wants to be charming.

I love this guest submission really much. Even though the screenshots quality is not very good, I see an amazingly well matched outfit, which is battle ready yet still elegant. Unfortunately Aisana has a really old computer, but she managed to capture the atmosphere of Lothlórien perfectly and used daylight to the screenshots' advantage.

Please let us know what do you think about the outfit in comments, or simly rate below the post's title :)

Chest: Town-saver's Jacket, Ered Luin blue dye (Warden Rift level 50 set; ceremonial version available from skirmish barterer)
Legs: Elven Warrior's Leggings, Ered Luin blue dye (T5 crafted)
Head: Threadbare Hat of the Dunland Healer, Ered Luin blue dye (Dunland quest)
Shoulders: Town-saver's Shoulders, gold dye (Warden Rift level 50 set; ceremonial version available from skirmish barterer)
Hands: Irman's Gloves, black dye (Barad Gúlaran - Udúnion drop; shares appearance with world drop Gauntlets of the Sun-lands)
Feet: Enduring Boots of Fleetness, rose dye (world drop; many other boots share the appearance)
Back: Fine Quiver, Ered Luin blue dye (Anniversary gift-box)


  1. Wow, this is a very nice outfit! I like the Ered Luin Blue dye. Definitely something to keep in mind for one my own characters. The boots seem really slim, which is great cause I've seen lots of "chunky" boots. Aisana, you've done a wonderful job!

  2. Reminds me of my old playstation 1 RPG days. I love it!


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