Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ceremonial Moria armour in store - worth buying?


Until August 30th, you have perfect chance to improve your wardrobe by some of the most appealing cosmetic items without effort put into group action. It is really easy to get Medallions of Moria nowadays, but if you're just a solo player or miss too many levels to be able to go to Moria, I really recommend checking out the store offer.

I'd like to give you another piece of advice too: sets of the Written Word/Poet's Heart, Shield-wall/Quiet Step and Whirlwind/Iron Arm share exactly the same looks with crafted Lothlórien sets:

  • Ceremonial Robe (Leggings, Shoulders, Gloves, Shoes) of the Written Word/Poet's Heart = Robe (Leggings, Shoulders, Gloves, Shoes) of Lothlórien
  • Ceremonial Jacket (Leggings, Shoulders, Gauntlets, Boots) of the Shield-wall/Quiet Step = Coat (Leggings, Shoulders, Gauntlets, Boots) of the Golden Wood
  • Ceremonial Breastplate (Leggings, Shoulders, Gauntlets, Boots) of the Whirlwind/Iron Arm = Hauberk (Leggings, Shoulders, Gauntlets, Boots) of the Galadhrim

It might still be worth buying these items - depends on your real money vs. ingame money/level ratio :) Crafting each of the abovementioned items costs around 600 silver + 1 week cooldown and they are usually not sold on auction hall nowadays. You have to do your own math if it's worth 295 Turbine Points.

However, the head pieces of these sets are exclusive to Moria armour/ceremonial store items - Lothlórien crafted head pieces look differently (and less attractive). So it's definitely worth buying:
  • Ceremonial Helm of the Shield-wall
  • Ceremonial Helm of the Brazen Call
  • Ceremonial Helm of the Whirlwind
  • ...and the other three ceremonial Moria helms - they are all beautiful and unique!

For inspiration, check out some of outfits published on my blog which feature Moria items being on sale in store:

Sir Kay, Knight of the Round Table
Heritage of Cardolan
Hard work pays off
Into the fire
Inspiration: Rían of Bëor and Simbelmynë
Guest: Keeper of the Forgotten Fortress by Thoargile
Revel among Arnorian ruins
Guest inspiration: Haldir by Thoargile
Captain of the Greenway Garrison


  1. Good stuff! I like your tips&tricks articles.

    Yeah for even the solo players I would recommend jumping into a Turtle run to get Medallions of Moria. It's so easy there's no way to fail and take any blame if that's the main thing driving people away from grouping.

    1. thank you :) for me personally it's hard to even jump into Turtle raid - I rarely see one gathering in glff and if I was organizing one, it would take at least 30-40 minutes to gather everyone. this time I'd rather dedicate to other stuff :)

      but I agree it's definitely more cost efficient :)

  2. Great post Frey! Did you know there's another alternative to obtaining these pieces? The names are different in the store, but the same Moria cosmetics can be purchased from the skirmish camp cosmetic vendors for about 600 marks and 30 medallions apiece. It's great for those of us who don't have the TP or silver to burn :)

    1. thank you! :) I know about the marks/medallions option, but I think this makes the items very expensive with ingame currencies. as I don't group nowadays, I don't have any medallions (I've already spent all that I had from years before 0:)) and when I win a few in a lottery, I try to buy items that are only obtainable with them.

      better option (if you group up) is to gather 3-4 high levels and go to Moria instances - especially GS is definitely worth it. 20 minutes run and you get 7 Medallions of Moria, and some people have even duo-ed this instance.

  3. Hi Frey, I'm surprised about your recommendations regarding buying these items in the store. These Moria pieces cost only THREE to FOUR medallions of Moria per piece (3 for the ugly sets, 4 for the Lorien sets, including the head pieces). One Grand Stairs run nets you more than that easily. Unless your characters don't have access to Moria yet, in which case I would recommend to wait and not spend TP. Otherwise, take your Moria medallions and head over to the Orc-Watch or the Shadowed Refuge and get your pieces off the barters for a few Moria pennies.
    More information about obtaining these items in my post:

    1. Hymne, I've mentioned that also in my blog post :) quoting myself:
      "It is really easy to get Medallions of Moria nowadays, but if you're just a solo player or miss too many levels to be able to go to Moria, I really recommend checking out the store offer."

      I know many casual players who have been leveling up very slowly over the years and "waiting to get to Moria" would mean several months. some people also aim to skip Moria entirely. even I myself purchased some of the pieces from the store, because having 2-3 afternoon to play per month, I don't want to dedicate even one hour to gathering people for GS run and running through it.

      so I think it's matter of priorities - of course I would never recommend buying this items from the store to people who group up, at least from time to time.

  4. Ok... but I don't think people that play only 2-3 times a month will or even should invest their percious TP in Moria cosmetic items. The only person crazy enough to do that is probably you! Ha ha :D

    1. :D as I said, that depends on priorities :) and I already saw some happy comments from people who don't have high enough level, so I guess the ceremonial versions will find their keepers :)

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