Sunday, August 26, 2012

Guest: Grimthold of Estel


Let me introduce Grimthold, a great champion and fierce defender of Bree. Wherever battle calls he will be there. No matter the cost he will stand and fight to protect what he cherishes. He is a champion, a deadly machine, a well trained warrior that fights against Sauron's hordes with merciless ferocity. Always in the front row of the melee he is the first to jump in and slice everything around. He lives by the sword and surely will die by it. His motto is: "Kill them before they kill you!"

Grimthold said about his outfit: "I wanted my champion to have a real plate armor, something totally crazy with a lot a metal plate. I found some nice stuff for the shoulders, the helmet, the gauntlets and the boots (that I LOVE!!) but couldn't find anything for the chest and leggings... so I decided to go with the Ost Dunnoth pieces for chest, legs and boots that went not bad all together. The first version of my "battle ready" champion was with no cloak and the helmet. He now wears a cloak and withdraws his helm when he is not in the middle of a battle. This way he has a more civil outfit that doesn't scare children:) Later I decided to keep the cloak always on. So here is the final version of my super heavy champ, at least the most heavy I could have made him. I switch helm/no helm whenever I feel the need for role-playing purposes or just because I prefer a look over another."

I saw this outfit on forums a few days before Grimthold sent it to me and it stunned me. Such a perfect heavy warrior's gear! The combination of silver and gold is amazingly well balanced and Grimthold definitely knows how to make astonishing screenshots :) I hope you'll enjoy this outfit as much as I did!

Please let us know what do you think about the outfit in comments, or simly rate below the post's title :)

Chest: Lesser Blade of the West Breastplate, gold dye (Ost Dunnoth champion level 65 set)
Legs: Lesser Blade of the West leggings, gold dye (Ost Dunnoth champion level 65 set)
Helm: Gongarab, white dye (The Tower of Orthanc, T1 Saruman chest drop)
Shoulders: Hyrde-Axle, default dye (Dunland quest)
Hands: Ceremonial Dragon-scale Gloves, white dye (Skirmish barter)
Feet: Lesser Boots of Dundirith, white dye (Ost Dunnoth guardian level 65 set)
Back: Cloak of the Westfold, default dye (RoI pre-order)

Mount: White-clad Horse of the Gap (RoI pre-order)


  1. I've got to say, this outfit is one of the best I've ever seen with heavy armour, and the first picture just makes it looks SO FLIPPING SPARKLY!!!! It makes me want to drool a river. Too bad that helm seems VERY rare since it's the first time ever that I've seen it.

  2. There really isn't any full plate armour in the game at the moment. The Rift heavy armour sets have a bit of a plate design but the leggings always have this brownish decoration on it which kind of ruins the whole thing and the set design isn't very refined or realistic. The OD armour sets are very refined and I think you chose well in using this even though it's not really a full plate armour look. The helmet is certainly interesting and looks plated enough! I also like the colours you used. White and gold is a beautiful combination.

  3. This is great. I like how with the helm and gloves, you have base white with gold trimming, and in the torso you have base gold with white accents. At first I didn't quite like the green chainmail bits, but then I saw how it played well with the the horse emblem on the white-with-gold-trimmings cloak and I totally reversed my opinion.

    The only part I'm not sold on is the shoulders. Certainly the shape is pleasing, but the naked steel looks out of place with the white-enameled plates elsewhere in the outfit. However, I can't quite think of a better replacement. Maybe the T0 ToO heavy shoulders? The coloring is a little wierd on that one too though...

    Voting 5/5

  4. is that wep u use a legen champ wep


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