Thursday, May 3, 2012

Galloping Gala: Mounts and outfits fans, rejoice!


Screenshot courtesy the Windy Acres Ranch

This weekend will belong to sound of horse & pony hooves and exciting design! This LOTRO community event runs (literally) between May 3rd and May 16th. There will be tons of exciting events - unique races, mounted fashion contest, concerts. You can get in style and take part on a new mount, as all store exclusive mounts will be available from May 4th until May 6th.

For more information about the community event, as well as accompanying screenshot contest, visit official event page. For schedule of events and list of included servers, check the schedule.

I'm very excited about this event as I'm a big mounts fan (I don't count mine and the TP I've already spent on them :). I wanted to attend especially the Mounted Fashion Contest on Landroval this Saturday, but unfortunately I'm away at that time. I'm lucky that Kiralynn, the facilitator of this event, agreed to send me screenshots of the contest participants afterwards, so I hope I will be able to bring you a report as soon as possible! :)

Kiralynn is also an owner of Windy Acres Ranch - a blog which often sponsors races and shows on Landroval. Don't hesitate to check it out!

To all the contestants - best of luck and I'm looking forward to see you, at least on screenies!

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