Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Guest: Fazlee of Landroval

Do you know the feeling when you catch a glimpse of motion above your head or behind you, but when you look around, there's nothing? I'd say it was just an illusion... if I didn't know Fazlee. He is always vicious, concealed, almost stealthy. But this guy is not a burglar - he's a champion of Middle-Earth, watching over your safety and a chance to beat up some enemies. So fear not - there's always someone guarding your safe passages.

Another unique and exotic outfit by Fazlee - I'm impressed by the combinations nobody except him has tried before. He's combining very different styles into a matching and role-play fitting outfits. Well done!

Chest: Disused Robe of the Dunland Soothsayer, white dye (Dunland quest)
Legs: Lesser Secret of the West Leggings, white dye (Ost Dunhoth burglar level 65 set)
Head: Lesser Arrow of the West Helmet, umber dye (Ost Dunhoth hunter level 65 set)
Shoulders: Noriel's Folly, umber dye (Great River quest)
Hands: Vibrant Calenard Battle Gauntlets, umber dye (T7 crafted)
Feet: Rusted Boots of the Dunland Berserker, grey dye (Dunland quest)
Back: Fancy Quiver, umber dye (Trestlebridge outfitter)



  1. Awesome! I really like that first screenshot! (tip for next time: turn on Anti-Alias 8x).
    I like the exotic and adventurous combination with those shoulders. It works really well!

  2. I love the first screenshot too. It's very cinematic.

  3. All are great -- but like everyone else that first screenshot is to die for! It is amazingly cinematic!

  4. First shot is indeed good. What emote is he doing?

    1. I'd say it's ./bow, but we gotta wait for author's comment on this :)

  5. I'm glad you guys love this submission as much as I do! :)

  6. Hello everyone :)

    Just wanted to say WOW and thank you for the nice comments :)

    I must have forgotten to turn on AA when taking the pics, I thought I did :(

    And the emote I'm using in that first shot is, I think, /kneel. It's near the end of the emote as my character started to stand back up.

    Whenever I'm bored, I spend my time working on newer ones and I'm glad you guys like this :)

    1. thanks Fazlee - I added the emote list to the post itself too :) hope to see more pretty outfits from you soon! :)


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