Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Home, sweet home

Sidgrid is still a very young elf, only a few hundred years old. As one of scarce elven youth, she is a little bit spoiled - however, she works very hard in her studies in order to please her family and satisfy her hunger for knowledge. She is the best rune-keeping apprentice dwarves of the Blue Mountain have seen in recent years and enjoys time spent in snowy land with her friends and teachers. Nevertheless, when she returns home to Duillond for holiday, her heart fills with joy.

Here we caught her setting off for a morning walk with her dear companion, rare Perlino horse named Buttercup by her dwarven gal friend in Thorin's Hall. There are just a few things more beautiful in the Middle-earth than Ered Luin in sunrise and Sidgrid, along with Buttercup, can never get enough of it. It's even worth to wake up early, and that's a lot for our spoiled little girl :)

...and when the sun goes down again, Sidgrid gets back to practice - for the runes are not only tools for her, but also company in which she can reflect upon the day she's spent roaming the flowerbeds of her homeland. Time when she has to go back to school at Thorin's Hall is still far away, so she can enjoy all the delights of Duillond and not think about anything else. What a peaceful holiday :)

A few days ago I tweeted happily that I won a Perlino Steed in @CraZyMuffinIPC's giveaway. I was excited because as an European who spend all her luck in lotteries last year, I had no hopes I could get my hands on this mount. I also promised I'd make a matching outfit, so here it comes, as the final outfit for Galloping Gala celebration. This wonderful event ends today and it was a great fun to concentrate on mount matching outfits all time long - they provide a great inspiration for any outfit fan.

Back to the Perlino Steed - I felt a little like when I had been searching for matching outfits for the Steed of the Rune-keeper (1, 2) back then - I simply couldn't find matching pieces for the lighter shade of blue on horse's blanket. I didn't want to match darker shade of blue, because the steed seems optimistic to me and dull navy wouldn't do it good justice. I also experimented with bright red the horse carries as gems, but on the outfit it was very disturbing. So I settled down with complimentary shade of Evendim blue.

I didn't want the outfit to be gloomy or monotonous, so Fine Shirt and Trousers came very handy - the shirt & pants combo is very lively decorated. It might create impression of unbalance when dyed in bright colours, but I think in blue it serves well. I chose the cloak to match white patterns on the sleeves and common light shoulders from Skirmish camp to bind with the shirt's warm-coloured hem. I'm quite happy about this outfit, considering how easily it can be assembled.

Edit: I realized Helegrod level 65 armour pieces would match the steed nicely with undyable blue parts. However, I couldn't use them because I only have the ugly hunter set and am out of basically any skirmish currency except for marks :(

Please let me know what do you think about the outfit in comments, or simly rate below the post's title :)

Chest and legs: Fine Shirt and Trousers, Evendim blue dye (Bree outfitter)
Head: White Rose Circlet, default dye (Spring festival)
Shoulders: Esquire’s Light Shoulders of Eruilan, Evendim blue dye (Skirmish light armour barter)
Back: Elf-lord’s Cloak, Evendim blue dye (Store)

Mount: Perlino Steed (PAX East 2012 giveaway, lotteries)

./dowse (Treasure Hunt event)


  1. I've really been enjoying all your mounted outfits for the Galloping Gala. Your screenshots are so big, beautiful and colourful! :) That one of Sidgrid looking out over Falathlorn -- wow!!

    Congrats on winning your Perlino horse!

    1. yay, thank you! and I'm happy you enjoyed the mounted outfits :) I enjoyed making them too, so I won't stop - but as the Galloping Gala is over, I will leave room to some very nice guest submissions and later my own "unmounted" outfits as well 0:)

  2. Oh, I love it! That shirt/trousers set was actually my "Dress It Up" challenge for this past week -- do you mind if I link in the comments to my post?

    The circlet is charming. :)

    1. ohhh sorry for such a late reply - I've seen your comment in a hurry and forgot to get back to it later :(

      I commented on your challenge - it was a great idea! gotta follow your further challenges as well :)

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