Friday, February 17, 2012

Have you entered LOTRO Fashion Contest?

Rate: Yesterday, the LOTRO Fashion Week 2012 ended. Celestrata of Turbine Community team reported that we have a LOT to look forward to from judging perspective. I can't wait to see your guys' submissions!

According to the poll I ran on this blog during the Fashion Week, most of you were interested in the screenshot contest. I hope all the votes for "I'm planning to" translated into some beautiful outfits in the end :)

In the next poll, I'd like to know how did you find this blog. Have you come here from official forums? Read my announcement ingame? (That must have been a loong time ago, I haven't been spamming glff for a long time :)) Please let me know!


  1. I found this blog while trying to find a good cosmetic item for Evlin. Then I noticed you had a Wish for an outfit so I requested an outfit and kept an eye on your site for cool new additions... I have this website on my bookmarks and I visit it everyday. Very entertaining. Keep up the good work, Frey!

    1. thank you, and also for tolerating my delayed replies on e-mails (i'm horrible) :)


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