Sunday, February 12, 2012

Heritage of Cardolan


Many generations vanished since Amarilwen's family had been part of Cardolan's prominent royalty. Not even her great-great-grandmother remembers those times. It was over 13 centuries ago when Cardolan, once a great kingdom, dissolved once the last of its loyal citizens died of plague encamped in Tyrn Gorthad. Those few, who fled before the Great Plague struck, returned back and were driven away by the Barrow-wights. Amarilwen's ancestors among them - fleeing to Bree never to see such horrors again.

In Bree, their lineage continued up to present, thriving and bearing the most noble sons. Some of them developed manors their family owned, the others famed their name in battle. Amarilwen was raised to be a worthy woman in Bree's little 'high society', but she chose different path. Along with her brothers, she serves as a captain of Free People's army. But once in a while she takes a break from fighting and dedicates her time to diplomacy. Here we caught her travelling through Lone-lands, once also a land owned by her ancestry, to Rivendell with important news. She intends to replenish her fellows' armoury and weaponry there, so she carries a satchel of gold she means to spend.

I can't get tired of the Stone-student's Hat. I know I've used it in an outfit quite recently, but when I tried it dyed crimson, I couldn't resist using it again. Amarilwen, as a rich royal descendant, is very wealthy and loves gemstones. Being dressed in red & gold, she adds a little detail to stand out by a few turquoise gems. Three gems on the hat, one turquoise brooch on the waist and turquoise satchel full of golden coins adds to the rich feeling of the outfit, as well as match her eye colour.

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News: From the feedback I receive I've realized you guys love big scenery screenshots. Therefore I've decided to publish original screenshots (in some cases a little cropped). You can see them after clicking on the opening and closing shot in this post.

Do you like this outfit? Please let me know in the comments! :)

Chest: Long-sleeved Summer Dress, crimson dye (Summer festival)
Head: Hat of the Stone-student, red dye (Moria level 60 lore-master purple set; shares appearance with minstrel's and rune-keeper's Moria pieces)
Shoulders: (Resplendent) Tactical Shoulders Pads of Lothlórien, crimson dye (T6 crafted)
Back: Treasure Hunter's Satchel, default dye (Treasure Hunt event)
Mount: Blonde Sorrel Horse (Hengstacer Farm)


  1. I have to admit the satchel confused me a little bit and made me think of a Rune-keeper, because none of the shots shows the top! But I love how you use the color to pick up the small gems in the outfit.

  2. Wow, this outfit is exceptionally well put together! Everything matches - as you say, even her eyes!- and she seems to fit in beautifully with the Lone-lands landscape. And at the risk of sounding a little weird, may I say that the colour combinations are almost precisely what I envision when I see the word "Cardolan". Awesome job!

  3. The Treasure Hunter's Satchel is a back item? That is interesting. Can you dye it? I can't wait to get my opportunity to try out this event. I heard it will be coming back soon.

    Really enjoying all your "Crimson" themed outfits :)

  4. thanks so much guys!

    about the Treasure Hunter's Satchel - yes, it's a dyable back item :) and it dyes quite nicely in most colours. i got it in default sea blue and loved it so that i didn't dye it, although it would match the outfit also in white or red.


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