Friday, February 10, 2012

Wrath of Oromë

Wasabito has always been the weirdest hobbit ever born in Waymeet. Despite being from decent family of a gardener and a lady cook, who managed to dig out of Waymeet's poor conditions into serving the richest hobbits in Michel Delving, he could never value peace. Since his early childhood, he was thriving for fight, sang songs and wrote poems about battles. Not surprisingly, as he was an outcast among hobbit youth, he left home as soon as he reached 33 years. 

You can imagine how big was the surprise of his kindred, when he returned a few years later, "for vacation", dressed in gold and crimson velvet, with a cart full of precious mathoms and food they've never tasted before. "Thank Oromë for these gifts," he said, and told many stories of his amazing journey, joining the elves travelling from Caras Galadhon and helping their war efforts against servants of the Dark Lord with his songs and ballads full of hope. 

Oromë, one of the Valar, is also known as Loud Trumpeter and the Lord of Forests. He carries a great horn (the Valaróma) and was the first Vala the elves met after their awakening in Cuivienen. Oromë called them the Eldar. He led them to Valinor and later, they fought against the first great Evil, Morgoth. Our little minstrel Wasabito calls to him when he feels demoralized, and knows that Oromë is here not only for elves, but for everyone bearing courage in their heart.

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Do you like this battle-minstrel outfit? Please let me know in the comments! :)

Chest: Cel-crus, default dye (Drop from Update 5 instance cluster)
Legs: Tavol-socas, white dye (Drop from Update 5 instance cluster)
Head: Helm of the Silver-voice, crimson dye (Skirmish classic barter - Helegrod light; also available as part of Ettenmoors minstrel set)
Shoulders: (Resplendent) Shoulder Pads of Lothlorien, gold dye (T6 crafted; also available as part of Moria minstrel/rune-keeper/lore-master purple sets)
Hands: (Resplendent) Gloves of Lothlorien, gold dye (T6 crafted; also available as part of Moria minstrel/rune-keeper/lore-master purple sets)
Back: Map-maker's Travel Pack, gold dye (Skirmish cosmetic barter; also available in Store)


  1. The travel pack looks absolutely great with this outfit. A lot of times, I try it on in the dressing room and end up scrapping it because the bulk is weird with the rest of the outfit. However, here, it blends in wonderfully and adds to the whole concept.

  2. thanks so much Moraiwë! i adore most backpacks, especially the map-maker's one, but it's quite a challenge to combine them with the rest of the outfit. i previously used the map-maker's travel pack in my very first published outfit ( and recently i've also tried the sage's pack for a rune-keeper steed matching outfit based on wish ( i have to start using backpacks more, they provide a nice change among all the cloaks around :)

  3. The hat could be useful for the chess set challenge I've suggested in my comment on Urur's outfit. :-)


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