Friday, September 23, 2011

Do you comment on blog posts?

Two weeks ago, I created a poll to find outif you guys comment on posts or not and what some of your reasons might be. I find comments on posts the most valuable feedback for me (along with the e-mails you send) so I was pretty concerned when I heard there are technical problems commenting on my blog. Here are the poll's results:

This is pretty alarming, because it seems every 20th person encountered some problem with commenting here. I already received a detailed report of what some of the problems are (thank you guys a lot for that!) and I will try to find out what I can with the Blogger support.

About the other poll results, I wasn't surprised that quite a lot of people don't comment at all - I also used to comment very seldom until I started blogging myself. However, I would like you all to encourage you to drop a line or two - either positive or negative - for posts you have opinion on. We bloggers are very much interested in these opinions, because they help us improve. Praise is always great to read, but negative feedback also gives very much valued constructive criticism! So please, comment, I'm very interested in your opinions :)

As for the new poll, Rise of Isengard is scheduled to launch next week and I am absolutely thrilled about getting the new cosmetics - either from quests, raid or the crafted ones asap. What's your opinion about these new cosmetics? Let me and other readers know in the poll! :)

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