Monday, September 5, 2011

Guest: Celendine of Snowbourn


Celendine the Naughty can generally be found anywhere where there is lots of fun to be had. Anyway, she was so proud when she received a very big new shield from one of the evil bosses in Ost Dunnoth thanks to her fabulous new kinship Nine Worlds. As this shield is very distinctively purple, she just had to have a matching outfit to go with it - she thinks she looks very heroic! Do watch out though because you may as well see her with this outfit but wearing some silly hats, as she generally keeps several in her bag to use when people need cheering up :)

Chest: Gossamer Dress, purple dye (skirmish cosmetic barter)
Head: Winged Circlet, purple dye (skirmish cosmetic barter)
Back: Cloak of the Ibis, purple dye (store)
Sheild: Forthskold (drop from OD raid)


  1. this outfit is AWESOME! i like it so much :) celendine looks like a hobbit princess, i'm totally in love with her. i've heard rumours the OD shield will get smaller with RoI and now I feel really sad about it, it adds so beautifully to this attire.

  2. Ok, the outfit looks good, I haven't played LOTR but does the character really have to be that fat? o.O I prefer sexy female chars on game! :P

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  3. well, hobbits are a little more chubby than elven or human females, this is racial feature (and i personally like it :)).

    if you're looking for skinnier look, check female elven outfits on this blog. however, the anime-elves style present in Lineage2 or Aion is not very Middle-earth-ish :) so our elves look different.

  4. Celendine of SnowbournSeptember 5, 2011 at 10:40 PM

    .... goes off to console herself by eating more cake

  5. :D celendine, if you have good blueberry pie, please share! we hobbitses don't care about weight, we know we look even cuter when we're well fed! :P :)

  6. That shield looks like a hobbit door. Every time I see a hobbit with that thing I can't help but think there must be a door-less hobbit hole somewhere. And yes, I've looked for those holes. Door-less hobbit holes make easy targets for my burglar.

  7. That's not a shield, that's the door from her Hobbit house! :D

    I love the purple colours. Such locely coloured dye they gave us :)

    btw is 'The Naughty' title still active in-game? I've been getting scolds for ages and it's never triggered for me. Is it one they turned off for no reason like they did with 'The Adorable' for hugs? I'm adorable, dammit, people should know!

  8. I can't shake the feeling that low-res screenshots like these reduce the general quality of your blog. :(

    You should make it a requirement that people crank up the settings and resolution of their PCs before actually accepting screenshots. After all, screenshots can be taken even if your game is a little bit choppy (in case they have a low specced computer).

  9. coxis, i agree with you to some extent - when i receive screenshots like these, i usually cry a bit because i can imagine how great would the outfit look in better graphic setup.

    if i get lowres screenshots even worsened by bad lightning, distant character etc., i always ask for a redo. in cases like this (good light etc.) i don't - i used to in the beginnings of the blog and the answer i got 90% of the time was that that's really the best their computer can do (and even when standing still outside a town).

    that's why i always publish the way that my outfits are on the top of page (even though i don't have the best graphics myself) - people can get (hopefully) good impression and then don't concentrate that much on screenshots quality with guest submissions, but rather the outfit quality. for instance, celendine's outfit is really beautiful and i can just ignore the screenshot quality because i can imagine the missing details :)

    as if i'd make good screenshot quality a requirement - i don't wanna do that, because some bad screenshots i published have actually been the prettiest among guest submissions. also, in the end most of us see the low spec version of the outfit ingame anyway - at least i can't play on my "screenshot" settings :))

  10. I want that shield!, it look awesome. Great job can't wait to see more

  11. unfortunately, they "fixed" the shield with RoI so it's now normal (small) size :(


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