Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Guest: Eongor of Silverlode


Eongor, a rider of Rohan and his outfit are great example how to achieve good white look around level 40. All the pieces are easily acquirable (the robe is available with many different names) and look very noble altogether. This outfit would fit an elf as well - the robe doesn't have to be exactly the same, but colour must fit. A well matching horse is also a must :)

Chest: Robe of Vigour, white dye (world drop)
Shoulders: Heavy Elven Shoulder Guards, washed (Rivendell heavy armoursmith)
Hands: Heavy Elven Gauntels, washed (Rivendell heavy armoursmith)
Feet: Heavy Elven Boots, washed (Rivendell heavy armoursmith)
Back: (Hooded) Cloak of the Dove, white dye (store)
Shield: Simbi's Shield (quest: Expedition: Orders for Half-orcs)

Mount: Summerfest Horse (summer festival)


  1. I like the outfit, but why did you have to remind me of that hideous horse? :P

  2. Thank you =D I forgot to send you picture with shield xD

  3. i've just found your second e-mail with night screenshots in the spamfilter... pretty weird, considering the first one got through. anyway, i think these pictures show the outfit pretty well in its elegance :))


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