Thursday, September 1, 2011

Doom hunter


Most people still feel nostalgic about the old good Rift armour sets. They served as the best protection and looked freakin' good. Khamrad is one of them and still thinks of the Doom-hunter's armour as the only one expressing his true nature as dwarven sharpshooter. He decided to polish his helm and shoulders again and combine them with other pieces, just to add new spirit to the look. When enemies fall, they will truly meet their doom at Khamrad's arrows.

Chest: Jacket of the Great Bow, black dye (Moria hunter epic set)
Legs: Leggings of the Great Bow, black dye (Moria hunter epic set)
Head: Doom-hunter's Gloves, black dye (Rift hunter level 50 set)
Shoulders: Doom-hunter's Shoulders, black dye (Rift hunter level 50 set)
Hands: Gloves of the Great Bow, black dye (Moria hunter epic set)
Feet: Boots of the Great Bow, black dye (Moria hunter epic set)
Back: Ceremonial Cloak of Shadow and Flame, black dye (store)


  1. He is... very very scary!! Great outfit.

  2. Wow, that's DWARVISH! I really like the way the chest piece and shoulders go together. I might need to experiment with those pieces; it sounds as if I might be able to get hold of hunter pieces after the update.

  3. Are you running Rift Frey? Because some guys in our kinship are 6-manning Rift every week to get everyone (cosmetically) geared that wants to, we are going again this Saturday so if you'd like to join in let me know! Would be fun grouping with you!

  4. thanks guys! the "scary" or "doom's day" dwarf was what i was aiming for :)

    hymne, i do not run rift - these are screenshots from dressing room :) i'd love to join you but the reason i haven't been in a 6man or 12man for almost a year now is that i usually have to change my plans quickly and it's a problem when i need to leave a group of people who rely on me :( but when the situation gets better (maybe in later autumn) and you'll still be running it (perhaps 3manning, as level 75s :D), i'll very happily join :)

    thanks so much for the offer!

  5. Ah I understand! But if you ever want to try some 3-man for some cosmetics (Halls of Night? Forsaken Inn?) dont hesitate to call me! I can usually find a tank somewhere that is easy going enough to deal with a "flexible" schedule. :D

  6. actually, i already have everything from HoN - we usually duo the 3mans with my fiance (some of them like swordhalls on level, others such as HoN to get the cosmetics on min level). but forsaken inn would be nice! :) or even the other threemans on level 75 once isengard launches :) let's talk ingame (looking forward!) :))

  7. Oh I'm always up for swordhalls! Either with minstrel or champ and we should indeed do the new 'in their absence' 3-mans after RoI too. I only have the minstrel pants so far, but cannot use them in an outfit as they are so different from anything else, so more marks for the top would be great! And I am really flexible and don't mind real life interference, nor whipes for that matter :D

  8. great then! i think hunter/LM/champ or hunter/LM/minnie would be a great trio for many instances :) and as we duo swordhalls, that would be quick and fun in trio no matter what class do you bring. let's meet ingame then! :) (can't promise when will i get there for something else than crafting, but we surely have to arrange something :))

  9. Great outfit mate! Inspires me to roll a dwarf hunter now! :p. You look very imposing!


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