Monday, September 26, 2011

RoI release notes - cosmetics (by CosmeticLOTRO)

Rate: Hymne, fellow blogger from Cosmetic LOTRO, posted a great summary of patch notes related to cosmetics:
  • Players are now able to place any piece of armour into the wardrobe, even if they cannot wear it.
  • Vendors will now restrict the sale of Reputation and Glory specific items. As a player you will still be able to see all available items but will not be allowed to purchase the item unless you meet the Reputation and Glory required to use it.
  • The Isengard cosmetic armor and pocket item can now be restored to the player using the /reclaim command.
  • The Cloak of the Westfold (Isengard pre-order item) appearance has been adjusted to be whiter.
  • Cloak of the Peacekeeper has had its appearance fixed.
  • The super-sized shield Frothskold is now normal sized for a light shield.
  • There were some crafted cloaks that did not support all of the available dye colors. These cloaks have been corrected to do so.
  • Examining items from links in chat windows should now properly include dye and crafter info.
Thank you Hymne! For those who are interested in original Cloak of the Peacekeeper appearance, I found a nice comparison of original and bugged appearance on the forums:

Great think is our greatly anticipated lift of wardrobe restrictions really happened and cosmetic changes are very promising in general (except for the wonderful shield - see how proud it looked equipped by a hobbit :( ).

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  1. Concerning the lift of wardrobe restriction - I still had the problem of having to bind crafted items, and the only way I know o bind is to equip, therefore I could not make them cosmetic. If you know of any way around this, please reply.
    Trying to set my 42 Elf champion up with a combination of sellsword and elven soldier's armor.


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