Thursday, September 8, 2011

What armour do you have access to? + An appeal to you!

About two weeks ago, I was curious what type of armour do you guys have access to, because I was afraid I use heavy armour too often not even knowing if heavy outfits are useful to you readers. Just after launching the poll, the Rise of Isengard Beta NDA was lifted and we learnt that most probably there will be no restrictions for items to be stored in chaarcter's wardrobe. This would mean a light armour wearer could basically use wardrobe to cosmetically equip any heavy/other class specific item, as long as he can puchase or barter it (this excludes some class items which can only be obtained from class trainers who won't speak to you if you're wrong class, and are bound on acquire).

This is a great news in my opinion which made the poll and my worries obsolete :) But anyway, I'd like to share the poll's results:

Based on this, I assume that most of you have had access to heavy/medium items, so you actually might have found a usable outfits on my blog before. This makes me happy :)

Other news are I made it easier to comment on my blog. I found out that some readers had problems posting their comments because of captcha image not loading. I disabled the captcha and hope that you will be able to post without any problems.

My appeal to you is: Please comment on articles as often as you have anything to say! It doesn't have to be praise, it can be criticism, ideas how to improve the outfit etc. Your comments help me make the blog better, improve my skills as an outfitter and generally create outfits which you readers might like more and more. This is also the topic of the next poll: Do you comment on blog posts? Please, let me know the reasons why you don't - there might still even be some technical issues. I'm looking forward to your feedback :)

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